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  • Truck 12
  • A Truck Company ventilates a commercial structure fire!
  • 19's House Fire #2.
  • Truck Company goes defensive on a worker!
  • E19 fights a house fire with a quick interior attack!
  • Fire crews make an aggressive attack on a boat fire!

Bomberos Annual Charity Golf Tournament

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July 2015 Board Meeting


Local 145 Members,


First, we want to acknowledge everyone who was involved in the incident downtown.  We are glad that Ben and Alex are making a speedy recovery, and extend any resources to everyone, to help deal with this tragic event. 

Next, this has been a busy month and we have some changes.  Most notably our L145 Secretary and Treasurer.  We would like to recognize and give a sincere thank you to Tim Robles.  Tim took on big role and put many hours into working for our members.  He took the lead on many projects and always looked for ways to help guide our department.  Thank you.

Next, we would like to welcome Bryan Bone to the L145 Executive Board. Bryan attended his first Board meeting last Thursday and is quickly getting up to speed.  Bryan is on A division at station 29, feel free to talk to him about any questions you have.

An important issue that has been coming up are the mandatory refusals.  If you have to refuse a mandatory and you feel that it should be excused, you need to file an appeal.  This appeal needs to be more than a paragraph.  It should include a detailed account of you recent work history.  How many mandatories have you worked, how much overtime have you worked, how many times have you refused mandatories (less would be better), your attempts to get it covered, and a valid reason why it should be excused.  If you have questions, please talk with one of our board members for guidance.  Also, don't forget about FMLA.  This paperwork has to be done prior to the refusal.

Politics are starting to heat up.  We don't really have much to report at this time, but we are starting to take close looks at potential candidates.  District 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, City Attorney, and Mayor are the all up for election this cycle.  You can talk with one of your board members for more specific information.

Thanks again,

L145 Board



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2015 San Diego Firefighters Retirement Ball

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Firefighters Cancer Support Network

Our Objective The objective of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) is to provide timely assistance to all fire service members and their families in the event of cancer diagnosis. We maintain and continuously update a roster of mentors who have personal experience with many types of cancers who will personally guide you through the process of dealing with your specific illness. In addition to our mentor program, we are always in need of volunteers to assist us by helping to support our various committees, specialized task programs, member support activities and specialized events we are asked to attend. The FCSN also provides awareness to fire service members and their families about the importance of cancer prevention and screening by coordinating educational opportunities with various health programs. We do not provide legal or medical advice but can provide assistance and guidance for other support options such as behavioral health services, fire service organizations, Fire Service Chaplains, another cancer support programs. The FCSN is in collaboration with the American Cancer Society and the Live Strong Foundation. - See more at: http://www.firefightercancersupport.org/about/#sthash.z8CVqfaI.dpuf

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Community Responsibility Fund in Action

View Community Responsibility page

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